Who We Are


Talk about a quality brand! Melissa Kennedy is one and knows how to create one. With extensive experience in the corporate arena, Melissa has managed to launch, protect and promote such high-profile brands on behalf of Comcast, with special projects like the National Republican Convention, the Summer X Games and the NBA All-Star Game, all in Philadelphia. You know the “Welcome to Comcast Country” signage inside the top of the Wells Fargo Center? …yeah, she did that. In her most recent position as Vice President of Marketing & the Creative Agency for CN8, The Comcast Network, Melissa was the recipient of many honors, but collecting three Emmy Awards for her marketing & branding efforts officially solidified Melissa as a savvy leader in brand development in the Philadelphia region.



City Amanda. At least that’s what her friends say when someone inquires upon her whereabouts. “Oh, she’s out being City Amanda.” That’s because Amanda is on the town, hitting up the events, meeting people, schmoozing, networking, “doing lunch” and having cocktails daaahling! Maybe that’s where she gets all her great ideas for special events, parties, partnerships, fundraisers and sponsorships. Amanda’s background also includes community, media and talent relations. Her extensive experience ranges from a large corporate bash to a small intimate gathering to the renowned Irish Pub’s Tour de Shore, a 65-mile bike ride & fundraiser from Philadelphia to Atlantic City, NJ. Let’s face it: sometimes it’s not only what you know, it’s who you know. Get to know Amanda – truly Philly, truly Phun..